Local and Regional Planning

Under state law, the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission is a comprehensive land use planning agency.  The Planning and Government Services Division plays a unique and essential role in convening and advising communities on land use planning.  The Division also develops regional plans and policies that address key land use issues and needs of the region.

Local Government Comprehensive Planning
A comprehensive plan outlines a framework for development of an area, recognizing the physical, economic, social, cultural, environmental, aesthetic, and related factors of a community. A comprehensive plan is typically the result of lengthy and intensive analysis, including a long-range scope (usually 20 years), and provides the overall guiding principles for growth and development of a community. Click here for information on required comprehensive plan elements and to learn more about how PGS can assist your community with their next comprehensive plan or update. 

Regional Planning
Northeast Georgia Plan 2035 is the 12-county area's long-range plan for managing the anticipated growth through the year 2035; it will address not only land use and transportation issues but also natural resources, economic development, housing, and human services.

In Georgia, regional plans consist of three distinct documents, or sections.  The Regional Assessment is an objective and professional assessment of data and information that is prepared without extensive stakeholder input.  The Stakeholder Involvement Program describes the Regional Commission's strategy to ensure public and stakeholder participation in further development of the plan.  The Regional Agenda presents the region's vision for the future and a strategy to achieve this vision.

After official approval by the DCA, Plan 2035's Regional Agenda was adopted by resolution of the NEGRC Council on April 19, 2012.  Development of the regional plan is now complete.

Regionally Important Resources
The Northeast Georgia Regional Commission (NEGRC) is in the process of updating its Regional Resource Plan, first developed in 2010. As required by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), this document identifies important natural and cultural resources throughout the twelve-county region and offers guidance for the protection and management of these resources. In addition, the plan is taken into consideration when determining and planning for impacts of new development. The Regional Resource Plan update is scheduled to be complete in summer 2016.