Environmental Planning

Our experienced planning staff are available to assist local governments in Environmental Planning areas including, but not limited to: Water Quality planning, Greenspace & Greenway planning, and Brownfield grant writing and development. 
Water Quality Planning
Staff have conducted source water assessments and produced reports that provide basic information about the drinking water in each public water system in Northeast Georgia.  Source Water Assessments are intended to provide basic information to public water suppliers and the general public regarding: 1) where drinking water comes from, and 2) the degree to which it may be contaminated by potential sources of contamination.  More information is available through the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.  To view maps, data, and reports for each of the 20 systems that participated in the 2002 Source Water Assessment Report, see the Northeast Georgia SWAP page.

A Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is a calculation of the maximum amount of a pollutant that a body of water can receive while meeting water quality standards.  The Clean Water Act (Section 303) establishes water quality standards and TMDL programs.  

Learn more about the Broad River Watershed Management Plan, including how you can help improve the watershed.

Greenspace & Greenway Planning
The State of Georgia's Community Greenspace Program provides communities with resources to preserve land and water by acquiring and permanently protecting greenspace through land acquisition and comprehensive planning. PGS staff work with local governments to develop plans for greenways, blueways, and trails.

Brownfield Development

PGS Staff are available to assist in grant writing, technical assistance, and project development for brownfield properties redevelopment. For information on the different EPA Brownfield grants that we can assist with, visit the EPA Brownfield website