Oglethorpe County PDM Plan Update

Oglethorpe County is currently in the process of updating its 2008 Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) Plan

Oglethorpe County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan DRAFT for FEMA Review
Oglethorpe County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan Update Kick-Off Meeting Presentation

Labor Match Form
Oglethorpe County 2007 PDM Plan

Oglethorpe County PDM Meeting Dates:         
Meeting Type:                   
Meeting Notes:           
March 20, 2012
Full Planning Committee
3.20.12 Meeting Notes
April 25, 2012
Full Planning Committee4.25.12 Meeting Notes
June 27, 2012
Full Planning Committee6.27.12 Meeting Notes
July 25, 2012
Full Planning Committee7.25.12 Meeting Notes
August 22, 2012
Full Planning Committee8.22.12 Meeting Notes
September 26, 2012
Public Hearing #1
Public Hearing Flyer
November 29, 2012
Full Planning Committee11.29.12 Meeting Notes
January 11, 2013
Full Planning Committee1.11.13 Meeting Notes
February 1, 2013
Full Planning Committee2.1.13 Meeting Notes
March 15, 2013Full Planning Committee3.15.13 Meeting Notes
April 6, 2013Full Planning Committee4.6.13 Meeting Notes
April 26, 2013Full Planning Committee4.26.13 Meeting Notes
June 18, 2013Public Hearing #2
Public Hearing Flyer